What is Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure?

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure allows kids to indulge in indoor exercises, with an interactive YouTube page. In a time when so many kids are glued to their techie devices, Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure gets kids into the habit of getting out and exercising every day. Physical, academic and social benefits can all be achieved while having lots of fun along the way. The videos have an instructor performing yoga asanas, while also instructing kids to do the same. The page is colourful, interactive and allows kids to have fun while also inculcating fitness and exercise.

What does Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure teach?

Cosmic Kids Yoga guides children on basic yoga asanas which they can perform at home. They also learn the importance of stretching, exercising, warm ups in a fun and interactive way. This is done by the yoga instructor as she acts out a story using different animal characters. At the end of each video is a lesson, teaching kids traits like kindness, generosity and friendships. It’s a really unique way to teach children good habits while also letting them have fun and perform exercises.

Who is it for?

Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure is targeted for children aged 3 and above. Many children like seeing the video as they like to hear stories in an interactive way. Parents can also listen with the children and also perform yoga asanas and have fun!

Benefits of Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

By subscribing to Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure, children perform exercises in the safe environment of their homes. There are many benefits of exercising for children, such as:

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure Benefit#1

Kids are experts at falling down. Whether playing their favorite sport or perhaps walking across the room space, kids consistently reacquaint on their own with the wonders of gravity. However, with the right training, even the goofiest kids can revamp their balance and coordination, which can help them in sports and daily activities.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure Benefit#2

Children may build on their organic flexibility, before they shed a selection of their suppleness during their particular teen age years. Remember to train kids proper techniques before they pursuit any new form of exercise. In people of all ages, stretching prevents injuries, improves athletic performance and encourages a healthful lifestyle. By having your little one spend a few minutes stretching and preparing before exercising, their muscles will have fewer tension and they’ll be accessible to get out there and play. When kids go directly into exercising without warming up, they could smoothly pull a muscle. Likewise, if children don’t correctly cool down post-exercise, their particular muscles won’t recover as quickly and could sustain an injury. Stretching can greatly increase your child’s flexibility and range of motion.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure Benefit#3

The breathing pattern of children is different as compared to adults. Children perform diaphragmatic/abdominal breathing while adults are focused on chest breathing. The natural instincts of children and infants are to perform abdominal breathing. Children perform abdominal breathing as it provides them with more oxygen. Children also have small chests so there’s less room for their lungs to expand. Abdominal breathing is a major stress reliever! It also promotes the release of growth hormone, which helps increase height. Releases serotonin, which reduces the craving for junk food and makes you feel happy! It also helps children sleep better.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure Benefit#4

Regular yoga and exercise also helps develop coordination in children. Balance and Coordination help children perform physical activities such as run, jump, sit on a chair and play hopscotch. Equilibrium is needed to maintain body position during these tasks and not fall. Balance is also needed to remain in a fixed position, such as standing still, and play statue games. Coordination is the ability to orient your body to your surroundings. Coordination also allows children to play games with other children.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure Benefit#5

Children are generally more active than adults and have a lot of spare time. They also like an environment in which they can play, so look forward to going to school if there is an outdoor activity. Children between the ages of 5 and 8 should be uncovered to a variety of movement arrangements, which incorporate arm and leg movements performed from a stationary position, jumping moves and exercise that promote spatial awareness.